Heirloom Seeds - What are they?

Heirloom Seeds, also known as Heritage Seeds, are usually particularly stable and do not differ from their parent seed plants.They have been grown for many generations and will breed true, unlike hybrid or GMO seeds.

All Heirloom seeds are open pollenated (OP). There is no need to worry about birds, bees or wind scattering the seeds, cross pollinating and fertilizing nearby similar plants.

Unlike hybrid seeds, particularly with fruits and vegetables, heirlooms can produce odd shapes, hard-to-handle textures, susceptibility to bugs and other problems.  Conversely, heirlooms, are usually far superior in taste, texture, color and beauty!

Don't grow boring plants, have fun with heirlooms. And
remember, you can save the seeds year after year, which saves you money.  Get a blooming good garden now with heirlooms!

Discover Heirloom Seeds and Grow a Booming Garden Now!
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