Garden Seeds Organic Survival Cache 151 Heirloom Varieties

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This is a particularly satisfying bulk supply of 151 different heirloom garden seed varieties. Plus extra $30 Herb Pack!

An absolute wonder of quality and quantity, this huge 1 gallon value bucket is airtight sealed for long term storage.

This Non GMO, Non Hybrid, survival cache is the perfectly balanced, expertly packaged seed package to knock your socks off! Many thousands of happy, healthy buyers use these seeds. They are supremely satisfied, and recommend our 151 seed variety bucket to everyone they can!

These 151 heirloom seed varieties contain fruits, veggies and herbs. Each variety is comes in balanced, useable quantities, and are packed in individual, resealable or heat sealed polybags. Seeds are super fresh and can be used immediately or kept airtight and moisture-proof over a long time. All seed polybags are packaged in a large resealable Mylar bag, then firmly sealed in a one gallon bucket for future use.

The Perfect Heirloom Survival Garden Seed Package!


How to grow and use this amazing value seed treasure. . . 

Think of it as you and your family's own personal survival seed vault, no matter what happens to the world, weather, war or wild calamities. This cache of seeds can be grown now or later... year after year. How fantastic is that!

You will never have to buy any of these vegetables, herbs, fruit seeds again!

You can grow thousands of pounds of nutritious food for only pennies per pound! Really, yes really, growing your own with these seeds will save you $100s, or more like $1000s on life-giving, precious FOOD!

And remember, All of these seeds are heirloom, open pollinated, non-hybrid and non GMO! The importance of non-hybrid is so that you can save your own seeds from your crops to replant each year. Hybrid seeds cannot be saved and grown successfully.

These seeds are packaged in commercial FDA & USDA approved, RESEALABLE & HEAT SEALED POLY seed packets. They are clearly marked with easy to read labels. Plus each variety has all necessary information for your to read about them.

As a guide, these seeds can be stored for at least 3 years or more at room temperature. When stored in a refrigerator or freezer, they can be kept 2-3 times longer. . . but it would be unusual to keep them this long, as the idea is to use and benefit from these seeds!


Mary Washington
(60-75 Seeds) - The result of many years selection to find asparagus with large and tender stalks. Expect full production 3 years and beyond.
Slenderette Bush
(45-55 Seeds) - An all-time favorite.
Top Crop Bush
(40-50 Seeds) - Heavy cropping and perfect for storing by canning, freezing and drying.

Detroit Dark Red
(200-250 Seeds)- Beautiful rich flavor. Great for canning and pickling.
Waltham 29
(100-125 Seeds) - A firm all-rounder, particularly suited for short season gardens. Slow bolting!
Long Island Improved
(100-125 Seeds) - Wonderful firm sprouts by the bucketful. Nice compact plants.
Golden Acre
(100-125 Seeds) - A welcome early bird... thrives when crowded!
Red Acre (100-125 Seeds) - Popular Home Garden Variety.
Edisto 47 (25-30 Seeds)
- Turns yellow when ready to eat; Sweet and strong in flavor and texture.
Honey Dew Green
(20-25 Seeds) - Loved by all with it's sweet and pale green flesh.
Danvers 126
(600-700 Seeds) - Reliable crops, even in heavy soils.
Chantenay Red Core
(600-700 Seeds) - particularly high yields.
(50 Seeds) - Gardeners' favorite in all conditions. Leaves naturally curl over head.
(450-500 Seeds) - Slow bolting, not fussy about conditions.
Hickory King Yellow or White
(50-60 Seeds) - Old time open pollinated champion for home gardeners!
California Black-Eye Pea
(50-60 Seeds) - Top yielding.
Homemade Pickles
(25-35 Seeds) - Semi-bush vine, useful for small garden. Top quality for pickling and great for slicing.
Boston Pickling
(25-35 Seeds) - Hard to get a better salad cucumber.
Blue Curled Scotch
(1,500 Seeds) - One of the hardiest, with large, thick blue-gray-green plume-like leaves with frilly edges.
Early Purple or White Vienna
(1,200-1,500 Seeds) - Yum when cooked or grated in a salad!
(2,500 Seeds) - How would the world do without the popular buttercrunch lettuce!
Gourmet Salad Blend
(2,500 Seeds) - another super popular lettuce.
Black Seeded Simpson
(2,500 Seeds) - and again, super popular and easy to grow.
Old Fashion
(2,500 Seeds) - Heavy producer and great tasting.
Clemson Spineless
(40-50 Seeds) - Can produce heavy yields. Pod color doesn't change with cooking.
(40-50 Seeds) - Top class okra variety.
White & Yellow Sweet Spanish Mix
200 Seeds - Extremely cold tolerant.
Harris Early Model
(150-175 Seeds) - Good size, soft and tender core.
Sugar Snap Pea
(40-50 Seeds) - Old favorite, sweet as sweet and tender.
Cal Wonder Sweet Bell
(25 Seeds) - Fantastic for processing and for the market!
(25 Seeds)- Another fantastic pepper that holds well for processing and for the market.
Sugar Pie
(20-25 Seeds) - Known as the queen for for pies & soups.
Cherry Belle
(225-250 Seeds) - Great all-rounder
American Purple Top
(1,400 Seeds) - Nice yellow, even textured flesh, with abundant greenery.
Sugar Drip
(200 SEEDS) - Crops early and produces fabulours syrup.
(300-350 Seeds) = Sweet and tender, perfect for salads.
Yellow Crookneck
(20 -25 Seeds) - reliable favorite.
Vegetable Spaghetti
(20 - 25 Seeds) - Another favorite, a garden must have!
Giant Fordhook
(100 Seeds) - Popular standard for home garden and for the market.
(50 Seeds) - Famous heirloom with a huge flavor.
(50 Seeds) - An heirloom sauce tomato.
(50 Seeds) - First prize for a canning Tomato.
Large Red Cherry (50 Seeds) - Ultimate salad tomato
Purple Top White Globe
(1,200-1,500 Seeds) - Swwnt 'n' crunchy, low-growing with heavy greenery.
Sugar Baby
(40-50 Seeds) - Popular with all - sweet, easy to grow, always in home gardens and market stalls.

FREE - 25 seeds of the following heirloom melons included!

  • Planters Jumbo
  • Honey Rock
  • Hale's Best
  • Hearts of Gold

PLUS . . .
Zone:(25-A)Broccoli Rabb (200-250 Seeds), Catskill Brussel Sprouts (100-125 Seeds), Early Jersey Cabbage (100 Seeds), Michihili Napa Cabbage (100-125 Seeds), Rainbow Blend Carrot (50-75 Seeds) National Pickling Cucumber (25-35 Seeds), Straight Eight Cucumber (25-30 Seeds), White Wonder Cucumber (25-30 Seeds), Black Beauty Eggplant (50-60 Seeds), Bouquet Dill Herb (100 Seeds), Leek (60 Seeds), Bibb Lettuce (1,200 Seeds), Iceberg Head Lettuce (50 Seeds), Parris Island Romaine Lettuce (1,200 Seeds), Tatsoi Mustard (1,200 Seeds), Evergreen Bunching Onion (200 Seeds), Hot Banana Pepper (25 Seeds), China White Pearl Radish (400-450 Seeds), Scarlet Radish (400-450 Seeds), Icicle Radish (200-250 Seeds), Staightneck Squash (15 Seeds), White Scallop Squash (15 Seeds), Red Swiss Chard (125-150 Seeds), Golden Ball Turnip (1,200-1,500 Seeds), Shogoin Turnip (1,200-1,500 Seeds),

(10-A) Red Amaranth (200 Seeds), Copenhagen Cabbage (100-125 Seeds), Delicata Squash (15 Seeds), Curled Endive (400 Seeds), Red Romaine Lettuce (1,200 Seeds), Green Hubbard Squash (15 Seeds), Evergreen Bunching Onion (200 Seeds), Orange Bell Pepper (25 Seeds), Swt. Banana Pepper (25 Seeds), Caraway Herb (100 Seeds).

(10-B) Pak Choi Cabbage (200 Seeds), Scarlet Nantes Carrot (600-700 Seeds), Chervil Herb (100 Seeds), Long Purple Eggplant (50-60 Seeds), Batavian Endive (400 Seeds), Grand Rapids Lettuce (500 Seeds), Tom Thumb Lettuce (1,200 Seeds), Watermelon Radish (200 Seeds), Hailstone Radish (300 Seeds), Buttercup Squash (15 Seeds).

(10-C) Cinnamon Basil (100 Seeds), Calabrese Broccoli (100-125 Seeds), Brunswick Cabbage (60 Seeds), LS Cilantro (85 Seeds), Red Russian Kale (200 Seeds), Great Lakes Lettuce (100 Seeds), Oakleaf Lettuce (500 Seeds), French Breakfast Radish (225 Seeds), Giant Nobel Spinach (300 Seeds), Acorn Squash (15 Seeds).

(5-A) Flat Dutch Cabbage (100 Seeds), Crisphead Lettuce (1,200 Seeds), Florida Giant Watermelon (30 Seeds), Jubilee Watermelon (25 Seeds), 25 Packets Of Heirloom Tomato Seeds (10-15 Seeds in each packet).


HERBS - A Culinary and medicinal popular collection. 16 medicinal and culinary herb seed varieties.

Genovese Basil
(140 Seeds)
Basil is more than just a culinary herb. Herbalists use it to improve appetite and ease fatigue. Like other herbs in the mint family, Basil is carminative (eases gas pains, bloating and settles the stomach) and a disinfectant. The fresh picked leaves make a stimulating and refreshing tea.

Basil has also been used as an aphrodisiac, and is taken for melancholy and depression.

Long Island Mammoth Dill
(100 Seeds)
Dill is carminative, and when steeped in water, it is an old and effective remedy for colic in babies and is mildly antibacterial.

(85 Seeds)
Coriander been long valued in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and has recently been studied for its cholesterol-lowering and effects and use in type 2 diabetes.

It is also used in skin diseases, digestive disorders, and cough and cold remedies. The usual name for coriander's leaves is cilantro, and it is very popular for Asian, Mexican, Indian, Tex Mex, Caribbean, and North African cuisines.

(200 Seeds)
Catnip teas have long been used in traditional herbal medicine to quell digestive disturbances, and help stimulate menstruation.

A hot cup of catnip tea is excellent for colds, flu, or the infectious diseases of childhood (eg measles), because of its action in inducing sleep and producing perspiration without increasing the heat of the system.

Catnip, is a potent sleep-inducer for humans. It soothes the nervous system and can safely help get a restless child off to sleep. Catnip calms without affecting you the next day.

Dark Green Italian Parsley
(300 Seeds)
Parsley is so familiar we often overlook it for more exotic plants, yet this attractive plate garnish is one of the most versatile medicinal plants around and is absolutely a must have in any well stocked herbal garden.

Parsley herb is high in iron content and rich in vitamins A, B, C and trace minerals. Leaves, seeds, and root all have medicinal value in the treatment of diseases of the bladder, kidneys and for rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica.

(800 Seeds)
Oregano has a very ancient reputation and has been used in both the kitchen and the sickroom since the time of the ancients. The Greeks used it extensively, both internally and externally as a remedy for narcotic poisons, convulsions and dropsy.

Oregano oil and leaf are both strong herbal antibacterial agents due to the high thymol content. Externally, the dried leaves and tops may be applied in bags as a hot fomentation to painful swellings and rheumatism, as well as for colic.

Oregano tea is a strong sedative and traditionally used to treat colds, fevers, and painful menstruation.

(50 Seeds)
Sage is an excellent and safe natural disinfectant. Most of its antimicrobial properties are attributed to the volatile oil thujone.

Sage tea was and still is primarily used as a gargle for a sore throat and an aid to digestion. This classic culinary herb has a long tradition of healing and treating digestive ills.

(400 Seeds)
The medicinal qualities of the oil extracted from Sweet Marjoram - Oleum majoranae - are similar to that of the Wild Marjoram. It is used as an external application for sprains, bruises, etc., and also as an emmenagogue.

(375 Seeds)
Thyme has primarily been used for respiratory ailments and for its infection-fighting and cough suppressive qualities. Thyme tea is an old time favorite cough, cold and hangover remedy, especially when sweetened with thyme honey.

(100 Seeds)
In general lavender is used to relax muscle spasms anywhere in the body, and to relax the body in the presence of pain. Lavender is used as a cooling herb and anti-depressant. It is especially suited for use in headaches.

Lavender is traditionally used in sachets to place among linens and clothing as a perfume and as a moth repellent. Flies and mosquitoes dislike the fragrance of lavender, and the fresh cut flowers added to a summer vase make both a beautiful and practical addition to your table.

Arugula -
(130 Seeds)
A study by researchers shows that arugula can be used as an alternative to cure ulcers. Some scientists concluded that this herb possesses anti-ulcer effects as it reduces stomach acid secretion and meditate the activity of hormones.

Arugula, sometimes called rocket, is a Mediterranean annual herb of the mustard family. It is a species of eruca native to the Mediterranean region, from Morocco, Portugal east to Lebanon and Turkey.

It has a rich and peppery taste and has an exceptionally strong flavor. It is often used in salads, and sometimes cooked with other vegetables for pasta sauces or meats in Italy and other parts of world.

PLUS: Anise (100 SEEDS), Fennel (110 SEEDS), Hyssop(80 SEEDS), Chives (140 SEEDS), & Summer savory (275 SEEDS).

It's a complete medicinal-culinary survival herb garden!

So much for so little...the rewards are there for you. Take advantage and secure your future today. Buy here now!


Garden Seeds Organic Survival Cache 151 Heirloom Varieties

Delivery to USA ONLY!



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