Vegetables, Fruits and Sprouts Heirloom Garden 300,000 Seeds for Emergency Survival

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A tremendous shift is going on in the world, and you can join in to take control of your future.


Growing your own food gives you security, saves you money (lots) and provides endless enjoyment and better health!


This variety bucket of over 300,000 seeds of veggies, fruits and sprouts has been chosen for a balanced and long term sustainability future--50 varieties in all.

An amazing selection for you:

50 Heirloom varieties with over 300,000 seeds.  

All Non GMO and Non Hybrid, so all seeds are viable for future use.
Each variety individually packed in moisture and air-proof, resealable bags for long term storage.

Includes all information necessary for you to confidently grow successful crops, such as germination rates, test dates, seed counts and source.

Super fresh for immediate planting and beyond. They will store and keep viable for at least 3 years at room temperature.  If kept cold, especially in a freezer, they will last more that triple that time!

Recloseable seed packs in a sealed, moisture proof, Mylar pack with desiccant, then SEALED IN AN AIRTIGHT ONE GALLON BUCKET  FOR LONG TERM STORAGE! 

What a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you care for!

Here's the list of contents:


- Mary Washington (60-75 Seeds). Standard garden variety. Years of selection have resulted in better production of larger, more tender stalks. Mature production begins three years from sowing seed.
BEANS - Slenderette Bush (40-50 Seeds). All-time favorite of mine!
BEANS - Contender (40-50 Seeds). These beans are great for canning, freezing and drying! They have a very heavy yield.
BEETS - Detroit Dark Red (200-250 Seeds). Quality canning and pickling beet. Robust flavor.
BROCCOLI - Waltham 29 (100-125 Seeds). Good in short season areas with cool nights. Slow bolting.
BRUSSEL SPROUTS - Long Island Improved (100-125 Seeds). Compact semi-erect plants produce a heavy set of firm sprouts.
CABBAGE - Golden Acre (100-125 Seeds). Very early. Suited for close spacing!
CABBAGE - Red Acre (100-125 Seeds). Popular Home Garden Variety!
CANTALOUPE - Edisto 47 (25-30 Seeds). Rind has a yellow cast when mature. Has coarse flesh and sweet distinct flavor
CANTALOUPE - Honey Dew Green (20-25 Seeds). Light green flesh and very sweet!.
CARROT - Danvers 126 (600-700 Seeds). Good yielder even in heavy soils.
CARROT - Chantenay Red Cored (600-700 Seeds). High yielding.
CAULIFLOWER - Snowball (50 Seeds). Widely adapted. Large leaves curl up for good head cover.
CELERY - Utah Tall (200 - 230). Rich in important nutrients
COLLARDS - Vates (450-500 Seeds). Holds longer without bolting. Widely adapted.
CORN - Truckers Favorite Yellow or White (50-60 Seeds). Old time open pollinated favorite for home gardeners!
COWPEA - California Black-Eye Pea (50-60 Seeds). This variety is a top yielding black-eye pea!
CUCUMBER - Homemade Pickles (25-35 Seeds). High quality pickling cuke and perfect for slicing. Semi-bush vine. Great to grow in small gardens!
CUCUMBER - Boston Pickling (25-35 Seeds). Great Salad Cuke.
KALE - Blue Curled Scotch (1,500 Seeds). Extremely hardy, broad thick blue-gray-green plume-like leaves. Slightly frilled edges.
KALE - Red Russian (1,500 Seeds). Very flavorful and tender. Perfect steamed, boiled, baked, soups, or stir-fried. Also a good freezing variety. Highly nutritional with powerful antioxidants. Very winter hardy, withstands colder weather, tolerates cold temperatures to -10 F. It will continuously produce greens throughout
KOLHRABI - Early Purple or White Vienna (1,200-1,500 Seeds). Great cooked or diced in a salad!
LETTUCE - Buttercrunch (2,500 Seeds).
LETTUCE - Gourmet Salad Blend (2,500 Seeds)
LETTUCE - Black Seeded Simpson (2,500 Seeds). All three are popular varieties and easy to grow!
MUSTARD - Florida Broadleaf (2,500 Seeds). Heavy producer and great tasting!
OKRA - Clemson Spineless (40-50 Seeds). Heavy yield potential. Pods keep color when cooked.
ONION - White or Yellow Sweet Spanish (40-50 Seeds). Very Cold Hardy!
PARSNIP - Harris Early Model (150-175 Seeds). Tender interior and fair size core.
PEAS - Cascadia Sugar Snap Pea (40-50 Seeds). Exceptionally Tender and Sweet. Old Time Variety.
PEPPERS - Cal Wonder Sweet Bell (25 Seeds)
PEPPERS - Jalapeno (25 Seeds). Both of these peppers are fantastic for processing and for the market!
PUMPKINS - Sugar Pie (20-25 Seeds). Great For Pies & Soups.
RADISH - China Rose (225-250 Seeds). Great Variety And Very early producer.
RUTABAGA - American Purple Top (1,400 Seeds). Yellow flesh with even texture. Prolific leaves for greens.
SORGHUM - Sugar Drip (200 SEEDS). Early Maturing , Great Syrup
SPINACH - Bloomsdale (300-350 Seeds). Very tender, makes a great salad!
SQUASH - Vegetable Spaghetti (15 Seeds)
SQUASH - Yellow Crookneck (15 Seeds). Both are must haves for any garden!
SWISSCHARD - Giant Fordhook (100 Seeds). Popular standard for home garden and fresh market.
TOMATO - Marglobe (50 Seeds). Great Tasting Heirloom!
TOMATO - Roma (50 Seeds). Wonderful Heirloom Sauce Tomato!
TOMATO - Rutgers (50 Seeds). Best Canning Tomato On The Market!
TOMATO - Large Red Cherry (50 Seeds). Perfect Salad Tomato!
TURNIP- Purple Top White Globe (1,200-1,500 Seeds). Sweet flavor. Semi-erect, prolific greens.
WATERMELON - Sugar Baby (40-50 Seeds). Very sweet! Great for home gardens and roadside markets!
ZUCCHINI - Black Beauty (15 - 20 Seeds). A staple for every garden


BROWN FLAX - (50,000 SEEDS). Perfect for Edible Seed, Gardening, Hydroponics, Growing Salad Sprouts, Survival Food Storage, Cooking, & More
AMARANTH - (135,000 SEEDS). Amaranth seeds were a staple food source for the Incas & Aztecs.
CHIA - (50,000 SEEDS). Chia seeds were a staple food source for the Aztecs. They are an excellent source of protein!
QUINOA - (50,000 SEEDS). Quinoa seeds were a staple food source in South America for 6000 years.


Receive 25 seeds of each of the following:





All these wonderful seeds are perfect for growing indoors or outdoors, on patios, balconies, roof gardens, backyards, farms and community plots etc.

With these seeds you will be set up to survive anything... and have a personal survival emergency seed and food bank for growing right now and many years beyond. How about that! 1000's of pounds of delicious rich food at your fingertips for next to nothing moneywise.

Buy now whilst stocks are fresh and let's get you growing!


Vegetables, Fruits and Sprouts Heirloom Garden 300,000 Seeds for Emergency Survival -- Random bucket color sent.

Delivery to USA ONLY!



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