Most of our items ship with our Standard shipping. We strive to ship domestic inventory next business day and typical USPS shipping times are from 2 to 7 days.
For promotional sale products and/or promotional shipping items, please allow 2 to 8 weeks.  Very occasionally, a product is delayed for longer due to circumstances beyond our control.  We ask that buyers please notify us if their product is unreasonably late, and we will endeavour to track its whereabouts and delivery time.


2020: Due to Covid-19, global shipping is delayed, often seriously. Basically, fewer planes are flying now!  Normal shipping times, suppliers' deadlines, freight and even factories and producers are on changed timelines, reduced staff or have closed.  We then source products from new suppliers, which sometimes can be a challenge to get the quality and commitment we want.

We ask for your patience, and would like to add that we have not yet had an order undelivered.  This means that your order will always arrive... just not quite as fast as we would all like.  

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