Lucky Bamboo Plants, 7 Beautiful 4 inch Stalks With Healthy Roots

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7 Stalks Lucky Bamboo at least 4 inches each

Rooted healthy plants

Bring GOOD LUCK to your home!

Lucky bamboo plants make brilliant gifts to people you care about. They will always remember you!

Create and design your personal lucky bamboo arrangement. All you need is your favorite vase, put some pebbles or stones to hold them together and use distilled or purified water.

You can also put them in your aquarium or design your fountain with lucky bamboo.

It is so relaxing!

Caring for Lucky Bamboo

There are certain growing conditions your lucky bamboo needs to be healthy, such as proper light, water, potting media, fertilizer, and temperature. When it comes to light, lucky bamboo prefers bright, filtered sunlight, such as what is found under a rainforest canopy. Avoid direct sunlight as it will scorch the leaves. They are more tolerant of too little light than too much. If the plant begins to stretch, however, or the green fades, provide more light.

Lucky bamboo can grow indefinitely in a simple vase filled with pebbles (for support) and at least an inch of water. However, they are very sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals commonly found in tap water. Water your lucky bamboo only with bottled or distilled water, or tap water that has been left out for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate. Healthy lucky bamboo roots are red, so don't be alarmed in a glass vase if you can see red roots. Finally, good hygiene recommends that you change the water weekly.

In addition to water, lucky bamboo can be grown in a well-drained, rich potting soil. The soil should be kept moist, but not soaking. Water as you would any Dracaena species. Plants grown in water will only need to be fed every other month or so, using a very weak liquid fertilizer. A single drop of liquid fertilizer is plenty for most lucky bamboo arrangements. Alternatively, specialty lucky bamboo fertilizers are available.

As you may expect with bamboo, this plant prefers warmer temperatures of between 65 F and 90 F. Do not place the plants in front of air conditioning or heating vents, or by a drafty window.

How to Care for Your Plant

Lucky bamboo is a great indoor plant that is very easy to grow. Not only does it do well in soil, but it does well in plain water, as well. Properly cared for, it can grow to about 2 to 3 feet in height.

How to Grow in Water

Fill the bottom of a container with pebbles and add enough water to rise to a couple of inches above the pebbles. The roots of the plant should be submerged.

Change the water every one to two weeks in order to prevent rotting. The water should always look clear and smell fresh. Use distilled or purified water. 

How to Grow in Soil

Use well-aerated potting soil with good drainage.

Water so that the soil is kept moist but not waterlogged.

Do's & Don'ts:

Container size: Choose a container that allows for at least one inch of space all the way around the plant so that the roots have room to spread.

Light: Place the plant in bright but indirect light. This plant cannot survive under direct sunlight; it will burn. You may need to periodically rotate the plant so that all sides receive equal light.

Temperature: Keep the plant within a temperature range of 65℉ and 90℉. Do not place the plant near a heating or cooling vent.

Water: Use water that does not contain chlorine or fluoride. These chemicals can affect the color of the leaves and make them turn yellow or brown. Distilled or purified water is best.

Fertilizer: You can occasionally add a drop of liquid fertilizer to encourage growth. For best results, use a fertilizer that is specifically formulated for lucky bamboo—but be careful not to over-fertilize. Make sure the liquid fertilizer is mixed well in water before adding the bamboos. The fertilizer should not directly touch any part of the bamboo. 

Trimming: Remove dead or yellow leaves.

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Lucky Bamboo Plants, 7 Beautiful 4 inch Stalks With Healthy Roots


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